Warranty Policy

All Sealed Maintenance Free Batteries (SMF) and Dry Charge Batteries (DC) provide the end-user with a Twelve (12) month warranty from the date of purchase.  In the case of a manufacturing defect within the above mentioned 12 months, it will be replaced by a new one.

Note: The above warranty program is applicable for the region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  This warranty limits National Battery Companies responsibilities in providing a replacement battery in the event of defects in materials or workmanship and not for wrong usage or any other abusive condition during service.

Warranty will be considered subject to fulfillment of following necessary conditions:

  • The original proof of purchase-sales invoice of the dealer.  The period between the invoice date and the warranty claim date should be less than the period specified in the warranty program.
  • The claim should be reported to any of the nearest service centers or the point of sale within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the earliest.
  • Two warranty stickers with identical numbers in case of DC batteries must be submitted during the claim settlement.
  • The warranty card Serial number should be matched with the serial number written on the battery second cover during claim settlement.
  • The respective vehicle must accompany the claimed battery wherever possible for a thorough inspection of charging system and vehicle electrics as per the test procedure.
  • Claim is permissible only after thorough testing by a trained technician as per the laid down procedure either at Battariat service center or at Battariat franchised service center or one of the approved dealers.

Warranty is considered void under the following conditions:

  •  Battery application is not correct as per Battariat application chart.
  • Exploded/Melted Battery
  • The battery is damaged or broken unless otherwise it is in an unused condition and received in the damaged state from the factory
  • Sulfated or deep discharged battery – white plates visible through the vent holes for DC and for SMF if the GR8 testing machine does not classify the battery as “Unsafe to charge”
  • Alternator problems, faulty ignition system, starter motor problems, the higher voltage drop across the starter motor cable/battery cable, high leakage current in the vehicle and any other faulty electrical system in the vehicle.
  • Dry charged battery received without electrolytes in one of more than one cell.
  •  SMF battery with white magic eye.
  • Dry Charged battery received with electrolyte specific gravity less than 1.100 or more than 1.320 or the cell to cell variation of specific gravity is more than 20 points.
  • The terminal of the batteries damaged, arced, corroded, or welded.
  • Heavy deposition of mud and oil found on the battery top.
  • Battery used in Taxi/limousine or any non-automotive application.
  • Any false amendments made either on the invoice or on the warranty card to claim the warranty shall be treated as forgery and such claims shall not be entertained even if genuine.
  • If the battery is found good after testing and the battery is able to crank the engine.